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Resources from Past Events

Often our event speakers will use audio/visual aids to enhance their presentations and to stimulate discussion and learning.

This page contains slides, web links, and other resources that have been provided by past event speakers. They have granted us permission to display the materials on this page to further stimulate dialog. 

Perils of Importing Exotics: The American Chestnut Story

On Saturday November 5th, 2016 Dr. Hill Craddock of the University of Tennesseee at Chattanooga Biology Department presented a workshop at St. Francis of Assisi Eoiscopal Church in Ooltewah.  There were 37 people in attendance as Dr. Craddock gave a historical context for the American chestnut tree, and spoke extensively about efforts to produce hybrid trees over decades that contain ever larger percentages of the original American chestnut.  He also brought lots of show-and-tell items including chestnuts, leaves from different types of chestnut trees, and information provided by the American Chestnut Foundation.  Dr. Craddock also gave cooking demos showing how to roast and blanche chestnuts, as well as eating them raw.

Here is a link to the workshop slides: Perils of Importing Exotics: The American Chestnut Story

Landscaping for Pollinators

On April 9th, 2016 Sally Wencel of the Trailhead Nursery and Friends of the Cumberland Trail presented a workshop at St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church in Ooltewah. The workshop was attended by 45 people, and provided information about how to landscape with native plants to attract and nourish much needed pollinators.

Here is a link to the workshop slides:  Landscaping for Pollinators 

Here are links to the workshop handouts:  Bees and Beneficial Flowers Handout
                                                                   Products That Are Toxic to Pollinators Handout
                                                                   Native Plants That Support Pollinators Handout

Designing with Native Plants

On November 7th, 2015 Scott Drucker, a local landscape designer, led a workshop at Greenway Farm in Hixson. The workshop was attended by 65 people, and focused on considerations when designing a garden with native plants instead of exotics. 

After the retreat Scott led a private tour of a native garden on Signal Mountain.

Here is a link to the workshop slides:  Designing with Native Plants 

Here is a link to the workshop handout:  Designing with Natives Handout

Recommended native plant resources:

UT Agricultural Extension Publications
East Tennessee Native Plants
Tennessee Valley Wild Ones

The Health of Our Life-Giving Soil

On March 21st, 2015 Charlene Nash led a workshop at Robert Walker Hall, which is part of Audubon Acres in East Brainerd. The workshop was attended by 54 people, and was an excellent introduction to the relevant topic of healthy soil. There was a short nature walk after the pot-luck lunch.

Here is a link to the workshop slides: Healthy Soil 

Here are some websites recommended by Charlene Nash:

NRCS Soil Biology Primer
Grow Biointensive Training people worldwide to better feed themselves while conserving resources
Ted Talk Allan Savory on How to Fight Desertification and Reverse Climate Change
YouTube Don Huber from Perdue on Roundup
YouTube Paul Stamets on Turkey Tail Mushrooms (as adjunct cancer therapy)

Healthy Buildings

On Saturday March 29th, 2014 Jay Martin and Sarah Kinnamon led a workshop at the Tennessee River Gorge Trust's Pot Point Cabin. The topic was about how to have healthy homes and buildings.

Here is a link to the workshop slides: Healthy Buildings 

Here are links to websites they recommended:

HVAC Ionizers 
Salt Lamps
Air Quality TED Talk
Denim Insulation
Mildew Resistant Lumber
Energy Star Breakdown

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