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Caring for God's Creation

News and Events

Saturday March 24th. Our spring workshop titled "Landscaping for Birds" was held at Greenway Farm.

Saturday November 11th. Our fall workshop "Happy Cows - Healing Planet - Healthy You" was at Greenway Farm in Hixson.

Saturday March 25th 2017. Our spring workshop "Beautiful and Functional Native Plants to Replace Invasive Exotics" was at the City of Chattanooga's Greenway Farm in Hixson.

Saturday November 5th 2016. Our fall workshop "Perils of Importing Exotics: The American Chestnut Story" was at St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church in Ooltewah.

Saturday April 9th 2016. Our spring workshop "Landscaping for Pollinators" was at St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church in Ooltewah.

Saturday November 7th 2015. Our fall retreat was at Greenway Farm in Hixson. The topic was "Designing with Native Plants".

Saturday March 21st 2015. Our spring retreat was at Audubon Acres in East Brainerd. Workshop topic was "The Health of our Life-Giving Soil".

Saturday November 1st 2014. Our fall retreat at the Tennessee River Gorge Trust's Pot Point cabin was a workshop called "GMOs - I'm Eating What?".

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